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Ariel, "The Little Mermaid"

GENUS PEDIGREE: Mermaid (homo mermanus).
KNOWN RELATIVES: Triton (father); Neptune (great-grandfather); Aquata, Andrina, Adella, Attina, Alana, Arista (princess sisters); Urchin (adopted brother); Marlon (cousin); Prince Eric (future husband).
KNOWN PETS: Spot the Killer Whale; Stormy, Seabiscuit & Foamy the Seahorses.
CITIZENSHIP: Undersea Kingdom of Atlantica.
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Flounder (Guppy #35); Sebastian the Crab; Scuttlebutt "Scuttle" the Seagull; Urchin and Gil the Merboys; Shelly, Coral, Gabriella and Pearl the Mermaids; Archimedes the Humanologist; Li'l Evil Manta; the Crab-Scouts: Clawdia, Tuffy & Buster; Old Dudley the Sea Turtle; Mackey the Stable-Master.
KNOWN RIVALS: Ursula the Sea-Witch; the Evil Manta; Flotsam & Jetsam the Eels; Lobster Mobster & Da' Shrimp; Morray the Eel; Glowfish; Crab Louie; the Big Barracuda & the Orange Roughies.
PARAPHERNALIA: Human Treasures in her hidden Alcove; King Triton's Trident.
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "The Little Mermaid" (Oct. 1989 W.D. Publishing - the comic book adaptation of the movie); "The Little Mermaid" (Feb. 1992 - 4 issue limited series of prequel stories published by Disney Comics); "The Little Mermaid" (Sep. 1994 - a 12 issues run of prequel stories published by Marvel Comics); "Disney Comic Hits" #12 (Sep. 1996); and guest-star in "Sebastian" #1 & #2 (1992 - Disney Comics limited series).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: [?] "The Goofy Sports Story" (Mar. 21, 1956); "The Little Mermaid" (Nov. 17, 1989 - theatrical film); "The Little Mermaid" (Sep. 12, 1992 - syndicated animated prequel series which ran three seasons).
VOICE ACTOR: Jody Benson
SIGNATURE: Her beautiful singing voice.
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Ariel is the youngest of seven daughters to King Triton, the ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantica. This spunky, independent teenage red-head is at a time in her life when she is questioning authority and testing the limits of her boundaries. She has a beautiful voice, and an adventurous heart. She is curious about all things that are forbidden, like "humans" and their artifacts. Ariel, along with her best friend, a Guppy named Flounder (a.k.a. "Guppy #35"), often explores old sunken ships and has filled a cavern with many human things. When she wants to learn about these items she often asks her loony pal, Scuttle (a.k.a. "Scuttlebutt") the Seagull, who pretends to be an authority on human nature (in reality he doesn't know much more than Ariel does). However, there is a friend, Archimedes the Hunamologist who does understand human nature, but lives as an outcast and recluse because of his forbidden studies (Ariel may be his only friend). Ariel's love for stray animals has also gotten her into many difficulties with her father, such as the time when she tried to hide a baby killer whale named Spot in her bedroom, or when she swam off to ride a wild Seahorse named Stormy. Ariel's father has a special attatchment to his rebellious daughter, not just because she has brilliant red hair like he once did, but because she reminds him so much of himself when he was her age. Among her sisters, Alana and, especially, Arista, are her closest confidants, but her other other friends include the young orphan, Urchin, who has become an unofficial member of the family and stableboy to the palace seahorses; Old Mackey, the Stable Master; the valleygirl, African-Atlantican Shelly, the shy and intellectual Coral, the equally adventuresome, yet deaf and mute Gabriella and her companion Ollie the Octopus, and the spoiled Pearl, (these last four being teenage mermaid residents of Atlantica); Gil, a mer-boy and object of her "guppy-love;" Li'l Evil, the Evil Manta's own son; and her cousin, Marlon, with whom she occassionally goes exploring. Aside from the Evil Manta, Ariel has triumphed over other such bad guys as Morray the Eel, Lobster Mobster and his sidekick Da' Shrimp and the Sea-Clops (though often with the help of her friends). At times she babysits the Mertwins, the children of the Clambakerfields. One day her curiosity with lead her into mortal danger when she will make a pact with the evil Ursula the Sea-Witch who takes her voice and makes her human. At this time Ariel will meet the human who will save her life and to whom she will eventually marry, Prince Eric. Until then, the royal court advisor, Sebastian the Crab, is her guardian and regal companion, who tries his best to keep this slippery fish on a very short leash. Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian all starred in the film "The Little Mermaid" as well as in the TV series, "Disney's The Little Mermaid."
WORKING THEORIES: [?] Ariel's first film appearance may have been when, in "The Goofy Sports Story" in the segment where the Grecian host, 'the spirit of sportsmanship,' introduces the sport of swimming, and a little red-haired mermaid appears on an urn being chased by a muscular swimming athlete.
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