Kildare Coot (Sgrizzo Papero in Italian) is the crazy cousin of Donald Duck, created by Romano Scarpa in the 1960s in Topolino # 465 October 25, 1964).

Kildare suddenly returns to the Life of Donald Duck just like Fethry Duck, which had started the year previously by Dick Kinney and Al Hubbard.  Kildare had sent a postcard informing Donald that the doctors of the mental hospital where he was staying had  concluded that he was now cured.

The doctors, however, are wrong, and so the streets of Duckburg finds itself home to one of the strangest ducks in the world.

Kildare has been used mainly by Scarpa, but has been subsequently used by authors such as Luca Boschi, Nino Russo, Massimiliano Valentini, Andrea Freccero and especially by the designer Enrico Faccini.

Kildare Coot, while known to be a "Coot", his exact location within the family Coot is unknown.

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