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KNOWN ALIASES: Mortimer, Ike (?)
KNOWN RELATIVES: Minnie Mouse (wife/girlfriend); Felicity/Amelia Fieldmouse (sister); Frank (brother-in-law); Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (half-brother); Morty & Ferdie Fieldmouse "The Twins," Monty, Marmaduke, Morrie, Timmy, Billy, Freddy, Huey, Georgie, Dewey, Louie, Ronnie, Donnie (nephews); Maisie (niece); Madeline Mouse a.k.a. Millicent Van Giltmouse, Moocher, Marty, Digger, Matilda Mouse, Ben Ali Maus (cousins); Agatha, Melinda/Topolinda (aunts); Gudger, Maxwell, Milty, Jasper Mouse, Murdoch McMouse (uncles); Albemarle Mouse (great-grandfather); Jonathan Tobias Mouse (great-great-great-grandfather).
KNOWN PETS: Pluto the Pup; Tanglefoot the Horse; Bianca the Goldfish; Milton the Siamese Cat; Leeza Belle the Cat; Bobo the Elephant; Oscar the Ostrich.
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Minnie Mouse; Pluto Pup, Donald Duck; Goofy; Oswald the Lucky Rabbit; Horace Horsecollar; Eega Beeva & Pflip the Thnuckle-Booh; Gloomy the Mechanic; Captain Nathaniel Churchmouse & Spooks the Gorilla; Colonel Doberman; Mickey's Pal, Butch; Shamrock Bones; Doctor Einmug; The Sleuth; Mayor Scott; Atomino Bip-Bip; Friday & Thursday the Islanders; Percy & Patricia Pigg.
KNOWN RIVALS: Claws the Cat; Bad Pete; Sylvester Shyster; Kat Nipp; The Phantom Blot; Eli Squinch; Montmorency Rodent (Minnie's former beaux); Emil Eagle; Profs. Ecks, Doublex & Triplex; Prince Penguin; Captain Vulture; Muscles McGurk; Dangerous Dan McBoo & Idgit the Midgit; Detectives Barke & Howell; Wiley Wildbeest.
PARAPHERNALIA: Mickey's boat the "Queen Minnie."
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Mickey Mouse" daily in "Lost on a Desert Island" (Jan. 13, 1930).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Steamboat Willie" (Nov. 18, 1928 - Also called his "Official Birthday").
VOICE ACTOR: English: Walter Elias "Walt" Disney (1928-1946; 1955-1962); Jim MacDonald (1947-1977); Wayne Allwine (since 1977-2009); Bret Iwan (2009-present); Chris Diamantopoulos (2013-present).

Japanese: Takashi Aoyagi (1983-2018); Takanori Hoshino (2018-2021); Keisuke Ueda (2021-present).

SIGNATURE: "Heh-heh!" (falsetto laugh).

The Walt Disney Company's own commentary on Mickey is that he "is a clean-living, fun-loving, 'nice-guy.' He is a hard worker who puts his "all" into anything he attempts. Intelligent, quick-witted, and a true optimist. Mickey is contemporary at all times. He is the kind of guy who can make things happen! He's the best! He's everyone's favorite kind of guy." As the pre-eminent of the Fab 5, Mickey has played many roles, such as fireman, mystery-sleuth, clock-cleaner and genuine hero. His ladylove is Minnie Mouse whom he's been courting "on screen" since 1928. On screen his faithful companions consisted of his dog, Pluto, and his buddies Goofy and Donald Duck. In comics, he is usually accompanied by Horace Horsecollar, Goofy, Eega Beeva, Bruto, Atomo Bleep-Bleep or his tough pal, Butch.  Mickey and his pals are often menanced by the nefarious villian Pete and his compatriots. Like Donald, Mickey acted as a father-figure to his twin rambunctious nephews,  Morty & Ferdie.  Among his other relatives are his sister, Felicity Fieldmouse (mother of the Twins), his Aunt Agatha and his cousin Madeline Mouse.  Mickey has tried his hand, at least twice, at the business of superheroing. Like Super Goof and Super Donald (a.k.a. Super Duck), Mickey had genuine superpowers. In a three-part tale called "The Red Wasp Mystery" (WDC&S #317 -319) a local human superhero called the "Red Wasp" mysteriously disappeared, so Mickey, determined to solve the mystery, donned one of the Wasp's spare costumes, jet pack and utility belt. Upon defeating two of his regular nemeses, Dangerous Dan McBoo & Idgit the Midgit, he located and rescued the real Wasp. More recently, in "Plastic Mickey" (WDC&S #608) Mickey was exposed to an experimental formula which temporarily made his body elastic and malleable. Emulating a comicbook hero called "Plastic Sam" (a take on DC's "Plastic Man") by using these new found abilities he was able to defeat the villianous Red Bat and his criminal partner, the Rubberizer. Other characters important to Mickey Mouse include his friends: Gllomy the Mechanic, Captain Churchmouse, Colonel Doberman, Shamrock Bones, the Sleuth, Doctor Einmug or Doc E. Static as well as Percy & Patricia Pigg.  His enemies include Claws the Cat, Kat Nipp, the Phantom Blot, Eli Squinch, Pete, Mortimer Mouse, Emil Eagle, Profs. Ecks, Doublex & Triplex, Prince Penguin, Captain Vulter, Wiley Wildbeest, and Muscles McGurk; and his pets: Tanglefoot the Horse, Bianca the Goldfish, Milton the Siamese Cat, Leeza Belle the Cat, Bobo the Elephant, Oscar the Ostrich.

The Sensation Six (the Fab-5 plus Daisy) are all set to star in a retro-style animated series called "Mickey Mouse" (2013–present).

HISTORICAL FACTS: Mickey Mouse's theatrical debuted was in the cartoon short "Steamboat Willie" on November 18, 1928, but his actual first film was "Plane Crazy" (1928 - first produced, third released). His comics debut was January 13, 1930 when he got his own comic strip. The first adventure was "Lost on a Desert Island." The daily comic strip was first written by Walt Disney himself, and drawn by Ub Iwerks and Win Smith. After Iwerks and Smith left the Disney Studio the legacy was turned over to animator Floyd Gottfredson (known as "Mickey's second father") who continued to write and draw Mickey's adventures for decades (with Al Taliaferro often inking them).
LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS: An early proto-type for Mickey Mouse was created for Walt Disney's "Alice Comedies" in the mid-1920s. While he and his kin were usually nameless, he was eventually named Ike, and partnered with Julius the Cat, whose name was changed to Mike.
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