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KNOWN ALIASES: Princess Minnie; Minerva
KNOWN RELATIVES: Mickey Mouse (husband/boyfriend); Mandie/Miranda (sister); Melody & Millicent (nieces); Manfred (nephew); Mortimer (uncle); Marissa, Millicent, Matilda, Minerva (aunts), Marcus (father), Marshall (grandfather); Matilda (grandmother).
KNOWN PETS: Fifi the Peke; Figaro the Kitten; Frankie the Canary; Cleo the Goldfish (?); Hoppy the Kangaroo.
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Mickey Mouse; Daisy Duck; Clarabelle Cow; Clara Cluck; Penny, Patty, T.J., Heather & Lilly (from "Minnie 'n Me");Scrooge McDuck; Donald Duck; Goofy
KNOWN RIVALS: Bad Pete; Sylvester Shyster.
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Mickey Mouse" serial "Lost on a Desert Island" (Jan. 13, 1930).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Steamboat Willie" (Nov. 18, 1928)
VOICE ACTOR: Marcellite Garner (1928 - 1940); Thelma Boardman (1940 - 1942); Ruth Clifford (1942 - 1952); and Russi Taylor (since 1986). Walt Disney, himself, even did Minnie's voice in some of the very early films.
SIGNATURE: "Yoo-hoo" (her melodic call to Mickey).
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Mickey's longtime inamorata. Minnie has several pet, among whom are Figaro, Fifi and Frankie. Occassionally Minnie's twin Nieces, Millie and Melody, appear in stories in which she also appears. In the late 1960s and early 1970s another young girl named Millie, was also a companion of Minnie's in the "Mickey Mouse" daily newspaper strips. A preteen Minnie and her girl friends are featured in Disney's line of merchandise called "Minnie 'n Me."
HISTORICAL FACTS: Last of the Fab 5. While she has appeared in approximately 70 cartoons and regularly co-stars with Mickey in his comics, of the Fab 5, Minnie is the only one never to have headlined in her own film, nor has she ever had her own comic book title, like Daisy has. Even Figaro fared better. Perhaps the one-shot television special called "Disney's Totally Minnie" (Feb. 21, 1988) was a minor attempt, when Minnie helps a nerd learn how to be cool and Minnie does a duet with Elton John, or maybe the merchandising line called "Minnie 'n Me" tried to rectify this sad oversight, along with the recent publishing of several short stories by Golden Books under the heading of "Minnie Mysteries" (1997) which feature Minnie as the lead character solving little "crimes." However, without any comics or films behind these efforts, this faux pas oversight is still not corrected. Not withstanding, she is still a mighty icon at the Disney company and still maintains her regal position next to Mickey.
LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS: Officially, Walt stated about Mickey and Minnie, when he once wrote in the Film Pictorial (1933), "In private life, Mickey is married to Minnie. A lot of people have written to him asking this question, because sometimes he appears to be married to her in his films and other times still courting her. What it really amounts to is that Minnie is, for screen purposes, his leading lady. If the story calls for a romantic courtship, then Minnie is the girl; but when the story requires a married couple, then they appear as man and wife. In the studio we have decided that they are married, really." In 1997 Russi Taylor, the current voice of Minnie married Wayne Allwine, the current voice of Mickey after a five year courtship. Russi's theory about Mickey and Minnie's public image, "The characters aren't going to get married, because children relate to Mickey and Minnie at their own levels. They don't know how old Mickey and Minnie are; but if they were to get married, they would become adults, and it would spoil the illusion."
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