Mortimer Mouse

GENUS PEDIGREE: Mouseear (anthropomorphized rat)
KNOWN ALIASES: Mr. Slicker; Montmorency Rodent; Mortimer Rodent; Monty
KNOWN PETS: unknown
KNOWN RIVALS: Mickey Mouse
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Mr. Slicker ande the Egg Robbers" from the "Mickey Mouse" dailies (Sep. 22 - Dec. 26, 1930) as Mr. Slicker; "Mickey's Rival" from the "Mickey Mouse" Sunday strips (Jan. 5 - 26, 1936, reprinted in MM #227) as "Mortimer Mouse; "Love Touble" from "Mickey Mouse" dailies (Apr. 14 - July 5, 1941, reprinted in WDC&S #35-39 and "Mickey Mouse Birthday Party" #1) as Montmorency Rodent (pronounced "Ro-dawn"); and Mortimer Rodent in "WDC&S" #67 (Apr. 1946) in "The Copper's Catch".
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Mickey's Rival" (June 20, 1936) as Mortimer Mouse.
VOICE ACTOR: Sonny Dawson
SIGNATURE: It appears that each time he is present in a tale he sweeps Minnie off her feet (she is smitten by his "big city" ways and his flashy repartee). And most of the times he is used his appearances are treated as if it is his first appearance in Mickey's or Minnie's life, but the underlying character is exactly the same (right down to the style of clothing and physical appearance).
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: In his first appearance he was known only as Mr. Slicker, and, as his name indicated, he was 'slick' with "Big City" streetwise sophistication. In Floyd Gottfredson's "Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers," when Minnie Mouse's father is in danger of losing his egg ranch the smooth talking Mr. Slicker offers financial aid in exchange for Minnie's hand in marriage. This "City" Slicker had an uncanny luck of being the only other man, beside Mickey Mouse, to turn her head (a recurring theme every time they meet in future tales). Due to a series of egg thefts Minnie's father has no egg to sell and his bank loan goes into default. Mickey, himself, is framed for the thefts until he exposes Slicker as the real crook. Next, in "Mickey's Rival" his name is now Mortimer Mouse and he is a sadistic prankster who enjoys playing tricks on Mickey, causing him pain and humiliation, and making Minnie think the worst about Mickey as a result. Minnie is annoyed with Mickey and seems to enjoy snubbing Mickey. In the film version Mickey and Minnie are having a picnic when Mortimer drives up inhis slick roadster and actually refers to Minnie as his "old girlfriend" (apparently a reference to the "Mr. Slicker" episode). Fortunately, Mickey finally beats Mortimer at his own game. Curiously, the printed tale "Mickey's Rival," while having the same basic theme, is not simply a comic adaptation of the film, but more likely a sequel which takes place at Minnie's house. Finally, in "Love Trouble," another variation on "Mickey's Rival," his name is now Montmorency Rodent. Also called Monty, he is still a sadistic prankster, doing everything he can to make Mickey look foolish in front of Minnie, especially at Patricia Pigg's party. Claiming to be of the Social Elite, he constantly flaunts Minnie's attraction to him, and even Minnie is caught up in her new found social standing. In an attempt to win Minnie back Mickey receives some timely assistance from his cousin Madeline Mouse who poses as a wealthy "City Girl" who, despite her kindness to Minnie and Monty, manages to drive Minnie to jealousy. Madeline and Mickey discover that Monty is a fraud and really a thieving chauffer. Exposing Monty before the real Social Elite, Minnie finally realizes how terribly she has treated Mickey and fears her world has fallen apart, that she has lost Mickey for good. Madeline explains to her that she is really Mickey's cousin and leaves them to reconcile. An intermediary story from WDC&S #67 called "The Copper's Catch" had his name as"Mortimer Rodent" (officially linking the characters of Montmorency and Mortimer), and he was once more a bane to Mickey and a thorn in his relationship with Minnie. After this, Monty has been a recurring antagonist in Mickey's life and has appeared in several more stories, even teaming up with other rivals of Mickey's like Muscles McGurk (in a tale called "The Egg Collectors" by David Gerstein, soon to see print in WDC&S #625 where Mickey and Butch try to win an egg-collecting contest before Monty does, the hitch being that the largest eggs in town are great blue heron eggs, and there's only one spot to find them... at the top of a redwood tree in the middle of a lake! Monty has the thuggish Muscles along to help him with the dirty work, but Muscles isn't really a crook... just a lug). Another appearance of Mortimer is in the Italian pub. "Mega Almanacco" #350 where he appears in "Paperino e il Carnevale del Movimento" ("Donald and the agitated carnival"). In Italy Monty is known as Topesio. In this story Jose Carioca, Maria Vaz and Nestor (Jose's best pal) are invited by Donald Duck to Duckburg to join in the Carnival festivities. During the celebration, several bad-guys are desguised as popular Duckburgians (i.e. Rockerduck as Chief O'Hara, the Phantom Blot as Goofy). Mortimer is there once more wooing Minnie to Mickey's dismay, and is later revealed as part of the gang of bad guys who are robbing innocent wealthy patrons. Monty is known as Ranulfo in Brazil, and is known to regularly menace Goofy with his practical jokes, and to ocassionally date a woman named Rosa.
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