Morty & Ferdie, "The Twins"

KNOWN ALIASES: Mortie or Mortimer & Ferdy or Ferdinand, Morty & Ferdie Fieldmouse
KNOWN RELATIVES: Mickey Mouse (uncle); Mrs. Felicity Fieldmouse (mother); Frank Fieldmouse (Father); Monty, Morrie, Marmaduke, Timmy, Billy, Freddy, Huey, Georgie, Dewey, Louie, Tommy, Ronnie, Lonnie (boy cousins); Millie, Melody and Maisie (girl cousins).
KNOWN PETS: Pluto the Pup; Bianca the Goldfish; Milton the Siamese Cat; Leeza Belle the Cat.
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Felicity Fieldmouse; Mickey Mouse; Minnie Mouse; Donald Duck; $crooge McDuck; Grandma Duck; Goofy; Ludwig von Drake; Clarabelle Cow; Horace Horsecollar; Clara Cluck; Melody & Millicent; Hunky, Alvin, Millie, Huey, Dewey & Louie (friends).
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Mickey's Nephews" strip (1932); reprint in "Mickey Mouse" #3 (1933).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "Mickey's Steam-Roller" (June 16, 1934).
VOICE ACTOR: English: Dick Billingsly (Morty as Tiny Tim in "Mickey's Christmas Carol" -Dec. 16, 1983); Micah Solusod (Morty, current); Griffin Puatu (Ferdie, current); Erica Mendez (child Morty, current); Cristina Valenzuela (child Ferdie, current).

Japanese: Keisuke Ueda (Morty, Current); Yūya Hirose (Ferdie, current); Makoto Koichi (child Morty, current); Miyu Tomita (child Ferdie, current).

SIGNATURE: "Unca Mickey" and "Auntie Minnie."
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Mickey Mouse's nephews, the twins Morty & Ferdie first arrived when a tall rodent woman named Mrs. Fieldmouse (also called Felicity or Amelia in foreign Disney comics) dropped them off at Mickey's house and asked him if he wouldn't mind taking care of them while she ran an errand. It has been later speculated that this Felicity Fieldmouse must have been Mickey's sister. This is confirmed in more recent comics where Felicity's appearance is revamped to appear much younger, and she is portrayed as a "Soccer Mom."  Minnie Mouse also has twin nieces, Melody & Millie, who are approximately the same age as Morty and Ferdie. Morty and Ferdie often have tales where they are the headliners in foreign Disney Comics, or co-star with Pluto in his comics.
HISTORICAL FACTS: The Twins were originally taken from the multitude of nephew and orphan mice that had appeared in earlier Mickey Mouse stories. Dropped off for a visit by their mother, Mrs. Fieldmouse, they were eventually named Morty & Ferdie. At first their characters served the purpose of one, often acting in unison. The studio and Gottfredson felt that this shtick was being overdone (a la Huey, Dewey & Louie), thus Ferdie was sent away. Morty was given a little notched cap, like the ones mechanics wore, and his mechanical skills were developed. Plans were to bring back Ferdie at a later date, where he would now wear spectacles and an Eton hat and coat, making him a little bookworm. These plans were halted and Ferdie was left out of the daily strip for decades. Morty then gained two new friends, both dogfaces, Alvin and Millie, who appeared in the strip during the 1960s. Ferdie was brought back in comic books by other artists and writers, however. Morty & Ferdie played the roles of Bob Cratchit's sons in "Mickey's Christmas Carol."
LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS: It may be speculated that Morty & Ferdie were originally designed to be just neighborhood children whom Mrs. Fieldmouse was leaving in Mickey's care for a short time, it quickly became established that the Twins were in fact, Mickey's nephews. The exact count of nephews varied in Mickey's early days. In the tale called "Gulliver Mickey" (1934), Mickey recounts the story to his nephews which included names like Monty, Morrie, Marmaduke, and a niece named Maisie. Timmy, Billy, Freddy, Huey, Georgie, Dewey, Louie, Ronnie and Lonnie are named among Mickey's nephews in "Pluto's Party" (1952). When they were whittled down in number in comics and merchandise they varied between one, two and three. Many early tales often depicted a third nephew (or niece) in a nightshirt. Whether this is Monty (a commonly used name for Mickey's sole nephew in Disneyana merchandise), or another is unknown. A "Donald Duck" book with no number published in 1935 (text only) and again in 1936 now complete illustrations featured Mickey and his two nephews who were named Morty & Monty. [?] In some cases Monty may have been a corruption of the name Morty. In any case, Monty is a recurring name in Mickey's lists of nephews.
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