The Phantom Blot

KNOWN RELATIVES: The Phantom Brat (daughter), Triplet Blots (nephews)
KNOWN PETS: unknown
KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Mysterious Mr. X & Kilgore the Ape.
KNOWN RIVALS: Mickey Mouse; Minnie Mouse; Super Goof; Chief O'Hara.
PARAPHERNALIA: Black cowl and cloak
1st PRINT APPEARANCE: "Mickey Mouse" serial "Mickey Mouse Outwits the Phantom Blot" (May 20, 1939); "The New Adventures of the Phantom Blot" #1 (Oct. 1964).
1st FILM APPEARANCE: "DuckTales" episode "All Ducks on Deck" (Dec. 30, 1987).
VOICE ACTOR: Frank Welker ("DuckTales"); John O'Hurley ( Mickey Mouse Works and House of Mouse)
SIGNATURE: A blotch (or blot) of ink, left at the scene of a crime he has commited.

Sinister agent of a foreign syndicate. The Blot, as he is also known, began menacing Mickey Mouse who has, often with the aid of Goofy, thwarted his diabolical plots, and put him in the care of Chief O'Hara and the local law enforcement. The Blot, however, often escapes, sometimes with the assistance of the Mysterious Mr. X. Goofy, in his superhero guise, as Super Goof, along with his sidekick Super Gilly (Goofy's brainy nephew, Gilbert), have regularly dismantled the Blot's plans. The Blot has been known to team up with the Beagle Boys on occassion.

The Blot has a daughter: she appeared for the first time in the last panel of "The Big Fall" in Mickey Mouse Adventures #7, and then soon after in "A Phantom Blot Bedtime Story" in #8. Apparently, there was a plan to make her a regular character, but that never happened. She was called "Phantom Brat" in the editorial page of issue 8, although with quotation marks around her name, so it is unclear whether that was her actual name.

Phantom Blot also has identical triplet nephews. These children look like small versions of their uncle The Phantom Blot, also wearing black clothes and never showing their real identities. Their behaviour is similar to that of the Beagle Brats. They seem not to live with PB, just showing up from time to time for a visit.

The Phantom Blot later appeared in a short featured on Mickey Mouse Works, based on the comic strips in which he first appeared in, titled "Mickey Foils the Phantom Blot" and originally broadcast on November 7, 1999. In this short, he steals a "radium card" from Ludwig Von Drake and uses it to rob every bank in the world. As the title suggests, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy manage to foil his plans. The short was double the length of most of the shorts featured on the series and is considered by many Disney fans to be the best of the Mickey Mouse Works shorts.

The Blot soon reappeared in another Mouse Works short titled "Mickey and the Color Caper", this one featured in the Disney's House of Mouse episode "Where's Minnie?" In this short, the Blot is now stealing colors from everything in the world, including Minnie Mouse, simply because he's bored with his inky black cloth and plans to become The Phantom Rainbow. Again, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy show up to foil his plans.

The Blot made one more appearance so far in the House of Mouse episode "House of Crime", which was wrapped around his first Mouseworks short. Here, he is stealing things from all over the house and then kidnapping characters both good and evil. Unbeknownst to everyone, the Blot is hiding in a device that Ludwig Von Drake has invented to give out clues to find the criminal, so he continually makes the machine give out clues that don't lead the good guys anywhere. After everybody but him disappears, Mickey soon figures out that the Blot is behind this and corners him. In his attempt to escape on his newly-repaired blimp from his first Mickey Mouse Works appearance (shown as the featured cartoon earlier), it pops and the Blot is foiled once again.

HISTORICAL FACTS: The Blot had his own series originally called "The New Adventures of The Phantom Blot" (renamed "The Phantom Blot" after issue #1) which ran seven issues from 1964 to 1966. Issue #2 introduced "Super Goof."
LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS: An altered version of the character, the Shadow Blot, appeared as the primary antagonist of the 2010 video game, Epic Mickey.
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